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Peterborough Youth Arts Festival 2019

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A Celebration of Young Artists
Dance, Photography, Spoken Word, Theatre, Music, and much more...

The Peterborough Youth Arts Festival is a celebration of young people's talent in our community. Launched in 2018, it provides a rare opportunity for people from grades 7-12 to present their art on their own terms. It also seeks to help young artists develop the skills, networks and confidence to continue their development, while providing the community an opportunity to learn about this new generation of artists.

The festival is broken into 6 main categories: visual, drama, music, dance, video/photography, and writing. These categories are broad and open to the artists' interpretation and imagination. We encourage youth to work with other young people on their projects for the festival (for example, having a young person write, film, edit, and act in a video), and not to seek the help of many adults.

Arts for Awareness is proud to partner with The Peterborough Youth Arts Festival, providing mentorship and support for this exciting initiative. To get involved, simply email with your art, your proposals, or any question you may have.


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