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To view pictures & video, please visit our  Erasing the Stigma gallery page .

To view pictures & video, please visit our Erasing the Stigma gallery page.

Cast & Crew:

Director/Choreographer: Rachel Bemrose
Co-Creater/Videographer: Andrew Root
Producer: Geoff Bemrose
Set Design/Construction: Ian Burns
Set Decoration: Justina Pabritsaite & Diana Stephens
Video Design & Editing: Andrew Root
Lighting Design/Operator: Sarah Tye
Costumes, Hair, & Make-up: Diana Stephens
Stage Manager: Justina Pabritsaite
Wardrobe Assistant: Melissa Whitten
Sound Operator: Shelby Lebeau
Original Music: Beau Dixon, Blake Richardson, Stacey Reeds
Additional Choreography by: Susie Clarke, Jennifer Carter, Jessica Burrett, Madison Sheward, Sierra Richardson, Samantha Doris, Sarah Connelly

Young Dancers:
Paige Andrews, Kate Bemrose, Catie Dobson, McKenna Horton, Megara Horton, Alexa Lowes, Livia Muir, Belle Onusko, Taryn Walsh

Female Dancers:
Jillian Armstrong, Jessica Burrett, Jennifer Carter, Susie Clarke, Samantha Doris, Julie Fallis, Miia Korhonen, Mandy Livings, Marsala Lukianchuk, Kris Maraldo, Sarah Paul, Sierra Richardson, Madison Sheward, Sheena Whelan

Male Dancers:
William Armstrong, Justin Boyd, Oliver Moriarty

Geoff Bemrose (guitar/vocalist), Cathy Colling (flute), Matt Goody (drums), Sydney Hawthorne (guitar/vocalist), Marsala Lukianchuk (vocalist), Brian MacDonald (piano), Stacey Reeds (guitar/vocalist), Blake Richardson (guitar/vocalist), Courtney Silieff (guitar/vocalist)

After AFA’s first show, ‘Next to Normal,’ the response was incredible. What was most touching were the people who came forward and shared stories of their own trials with mental illness. The idea for “Erasing the Stigma” has been germinating for many years, and these brave people who had suffered in silence - but were so willing to share their difficult experiences - meant that it was time to bring the show to life. From the interviews, to the meetings with musicians, dancers, artists, and the production team, this show has been a collaboration on every level. We’re so grateful to our own community of artists, and to the community that has come forward in support of this project. We hope you’ll be encouraged to further your own education on the subject matter by consulting one of the many organizations we’ve been fortunate enough to partner with.

-Rachel Bemrose & Andrew Root

Inspiring, insightful and moving.
— Kerri Davies, CMHA